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Accounting/Bookeeping Services:

Our office will prepare your financial statements quarterly and annually, monthly inventory reconcile reports, balance sheets, accounts receivable satements, accounts payable statements, and estimated taxes.

Budget Reviews:

We will evaluate your financial solvences, based on your sales and or income verses liabilities, advise you on the best course of action to gain captial or increase your Monthly Budget.

Copying/Faxing Services:

Our ultra modern Cannon Copier reproduces superior quality copies and photos. We offer competive rates for large reproduction services. Need to send a fax, we'll galdly sent it for you for a small fee, need a time estimate for job compeletion or mail service give us a call toll free for more information.


Need to have something notarized, bring it in we will be happy to assist you. Just bring in proof of your idenity two picture identification cards one must be of government issue i.e. drivers license, military ID card etc.

Resume Writing:

Professional resume produced in a matter of mintues with our resume templates, we have an extensive resume bank that will get you to the interview. We can produces you a superior resume and cover letter, you can write it or have us author your exculsive resume and cover letter.

Tax Consultation:

We offer a variety of counsultation services, from budget analysis to estimate tax reporting, every situation is unique, call us for a confidential consultation.

Web Site Design:

Need a personal web page or a commercial site we offer web site construction from basic to commercial advertisement our rates are competitive, we will provide you maintentance service to revise and keep your site current, as your needs and requirements change. Give GETS a call to discuss your requirements toll free.